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Newest Catalog Items
Stephanie`s Splosh Bondage - tws-372-0053
This scene is one of our meanest yet--we tie up posh beauty and make her squeal by covering her in lots of mess. We`re not sure she liked it to be honest...
PayDay - tws-75-0725
Amy and Jacy get into a messy fight while waiting for their pay checks
0483 And 0484 Steth Each Other After Squats Workout - vdo-364-2049
Listen to both of their fast hearts after squats workout.
0486 First Time Heart Auscultation - vdo-364-2050
Auscultating her heart for the first time, recorded with Thinklabs and regular steths.
0487 First Time Heart Auscultation - vdo-364-2051
Auscultating her heart for the first time, recorded with Thinklabs and regular steths.
0488 Listens To Her Heartbeat - vdo-364-2052
She listens to her own heartbeat with the Thinklabs and a regular steth.
Dr Cobalt Weight Loss Challenge - vdo-125-1672
Dr. Cobalt is part of hospital weight loss challenge. He orders a weight loss suit and is confident he will drop 10 lbs in 24 hours. Things go terribly wrong and he inflates fast until explosion.
The oxygen breath hold experiment a. - vdo-333-0335
She holds her breath for as long as she can after taking her last breath from the oxygen bag. Next she tries to match or beat that time while sitting up which is a lot harder. She`s smiling at you with that beautiful face the whole time.
The oxygen breath hold experiment b. - vdo-333-0336
She gets great contractions and puts up a great fight like always. Always interesting to see someone who`s dying for air maintain a pretty smile. Great heart beat audio.