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Catalog Number   vdo-141-0159 Price: $10.00 USD
I Will Crush Every Redneck that Pisses Me Off
Redneck comes into bar and repeatedly insults tiny bartender then refuses to pay bar tab. She is furious. As her anger increases so does her height and rage. She is ready to crush the next rude redneck that crosses her much taller path.

Producer: TMC   Year: 2014   Country of Origin: US
Length: 10 minutes    File Size: 347 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 960 x 540      Keywords: Giantess Growth Topless ClothesDestruction GTS Poison MissPoison gts159

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Catalog Number   vdo-141-0086 Price: $14.00 USD
Riding the Intestine Train
Two hot redheads are sick of their boyfriends cheating on them so they turn them into raw meat and bring them home for dinner. Both girls, tear apart and eat their men and discuss what is going on with the men as they go through their intestines.

Producer: TMC   Year: 2010   Country of Origin: US
Length: 20 minutes    File Size: 328 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 720 x 480      Keywords: Vore Oral Helena HelenaStrong Penny PennyPoison gts086

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Catalog Number   vdo-141-0085 Price: $11.00 USD
Married To A Giant
Tiny man marries a giant and is used for her pleasure then learns her real thoughts on men and where he will be stored and what he will be used for the rest of his life.

Producer: TMC   Year: 2010   Country of Origin: US
Length: 12 minutes    File Size: 127 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 720 x 480      Keywords: Giantess Vore Oral Penny PennyPoison Insertion VaginalVore SmallMan Pussy gts085

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