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Catalog Number   tws-153-0262 Price: $9.00 USD
SandersonStepSisters #11
The Sanderson Step Sisters are back and better than ever. So turn up the volume to 11 and spend the night with the step sisters. New larger page sizes for more detailed art. 17 pages.
Producer: OkayOkayOkOk   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2016   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 27 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 3600 x 5275      Preview Clip      Keywords: OkayOkayOkOk SandersonStepSisters WeightGain Inflation AnimalTF AnimalTransformation Age-Regression Nudity Anthro

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0252 Price: $10.00 USD
Foxwright Double Feature
2 illustrated stories from transformation author T.F. Wright, with art by Volkenfox. `Lion`s Pride` and `The Legend of Nagalious` feature erotic anthro themes of transformation, weight gain, transgender and more.
Producer: T.F. Wright/Volkenfox   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2015   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 3 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 2550 x 3300      Keywords: TF Wright Volkenfox Anthro Furry Transformation WeightGain Transgender

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0219 Price: $7.00 USD
Bijou`s Bakery
4 friends enter a magical gypsy bakery run by the sorceress Bijou. They are tempted into trying tasty treats that transform them into anthro animals. Art by Darkoshen with a 2 page comic bonus by Lord Altros 14 color pages + Cover
Producer: Process Productions   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2014   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 17 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 3300 x 4271      Preview Clip      Keywords: Darkoshen LordAltros Matador Transformation AnimalTF Transgender Anthro AgeRegression Process-Productions

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0162 Price: $7.00 USD
Karno Collection Volume 1
Does this collection have everything fans of Anthro/Furry could ask for? Orgies...check. Huge breasted animal girls...check. Massively hung animal dudes...check. Magical goings on...check. 155 pages total (31 color & 124 B&W)
Producer: Karno   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2013   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 122 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 2520 x 3780      Preview Clip      Keywords: Karno Furries Anthro Sex

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