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Catalog Number   tws-153-0273 Price: $7.00 USD
Weight Gain Wonders Pack
Two incredible stories by AdiposeRex & Matador, featuring illustrations by Lord Altros. In “Prosthetics” a fetish model GROWS into her role. In “SumoSerra” a spoiled space princess is the target of revenge. 12 full color pages + sketches/bonus.
Producer: Process Productions   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2017   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 8 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 2736 x 2736      Keywords: Process-Productions LordAltros AdiposeRex Matador WeightGain ForceFeeding BBW SSBBW BreastExpansion AssExpansion BellyInflation BellyExpansion HourglassExpansion Hourglass

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0195 Price: $10.00 USD
Sanderson Step Sisters #9
A bounty of wand-waving witches slinging spells and causing transformations everywhere. No one is safe, no spell is too extreme as everyone scrambles to get their hands on the magic book. 15 Full Color HQ Wide Format Pages
Producer: OkayOkayOkOk   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2014   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 23 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 960 x 1440      Preview Clip      Keywords: Okayokayokok Transformation SlimeGirl AnimalTransformation Popping MultipleBreasts Lactation BellyExpansion Vore

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0155 Price: $9.00 USD
Magical Card Game Ecstacy
Morgan and Circe duel with cards that cause magical transformations and the loser gets stuck in their new form. An instant classic, featuring Blueberry, Weight Gain, BE, animal TF, multiple orgasms and more! 17 full color pages & cover
Producer: OkayOkayOkOk   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2013   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 22 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 1047 x 1521      Preview Clip      Keywords: Okayokayokok BreastExpansion AssExpansion Blueberry Domination BellyExpansion HairGrowth Inflation AnimalTF PigTF MultipleBreasts

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Catalog Number   tws-153-0146 Price: $9.00 USD
The Web of the Incubus - The Complete Collection
The Web of the Incubus - The Complete Collection. This is the Gold Edition of all 3 chapters + Bonus Art. Roux and Fukumi are physically, mentally and sexually dominated by a tentacled entity. Hentai inspired. 65 Full Color Pages.
Producer: Rampant404   Distributor: Process Productions   Year: 2013   Country of Origin: US
File Size: 40 Megabytes   File Format: Document-PDF
Screen Size: 1800 x 2400      Preview Clip      Keywords: Rampant404 BellyExpansion Domination Pregnancy Tentacles SexWithMonster FemaleMasturbation

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