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Catalog Number   vdo-125-1603 Price: $22.00 USD
MAXGROWTH: The Talisman
Allegra receives a talisman that magically changes her into any man`s fantasy that she comes into contact with. Multiple transformations: Hourglass, Pregnancy, BBW, AP with personality changes.

Producer: MAXGROWTH   Year: 2017   Country of Origin: US
Length: 21 minutes    File Size: 969 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 1920 x 1080      Preview Clip      Keywords: Maxgrowth Hourglass HourglassInflation Allegra Inflation Expansion BreastInflation BreastExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation BellyInflation BellyExpansion Pregnant Preggo HairColorChange AgeProgression WeightGain tmc1603

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Catalog Number   vdo-125-1373 Price: $22.00 USD
MAXGROWTH: Super Remote Control
Lucia`s lazy boyfriend discovers the new remote has some magical properties. He fast forwards her into a hot granny, reverses her into college age, then keeps expanding her hourglass figure until she explodes.

Producer: MAXGROWTH   Distributor: TMC   Year: 2016   Country of Origin: US
Length: 18 minutes    File Size: 618 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 960 x 540      Preview Clip      Keywords: MaxGrowth Lucia BreastExpansion Expansion Inflation BreastInflation ButtInflation AssExpansion HourGlass AgeRegression AgeProgression Popping tmc1373

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Catalog Number   vdo-125-1256 Price: $33.00 USD
MAXGROWTH: Holiday Special
Koa gets in trouble with an Elf and gets the holiday treatment. She eats magical gingerbread men, grows huge boobs, turns into a Reindeer Girl (offscreen), an old lady, sexy version Mrs. Claus and traditional Mrs. Claus.

Producer: MAXGROWTH   Distributor: TMC   Year: 2015   Country of Origin: US
Length: 30 minutes    File Size: 927 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 960 x 540      Preview Clip      Keywords: Maxgrowth Koa BreastExpansion BellyExpansion AssExpansion ButtInflation Inflation BellyInflation Expansion AnimalTransformation Transformation AgeProgression HairColorChange MILF tmc1256

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Catalog Number   vdo-125-0584 Price: $35.00 USD
Youth Serum Gone Wild
Coco is a scientist who is starting to feel the effects of long hours in the lab. She creates a youth serum which she mixes wrong and slowly ages her about 50 years. She reverses it and becomes her age again only to regress back down to infancy.

Producer: TMC   Distributor: TMC   Year: 2012   Country of Origin: US
Length: 38 minutes    File Size: 754 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 960 x 540      Preview Clip      Keywords: Coco Velvet CocoVelvet TF Transformation Process Infantilism DiaperFetish Pornstar Magic Asian AgeProgression OldAge Young AdultDiaper tmc584

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