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Catalog Number   tws-119-0147 Price: $10.99 USD
The Gunge Pool PLUS getting ready scene Volume 61
Just a pool, some gunge and 2 hot guys. The video starts with end of wrestling match and the winner asks Allen to help clean the pool and it gets messy. Light wrestling and erotic smearing between the guys who end up naked and jack each other off.
Producer: Pydd2   Distributor: Pydd2   Year: 2015   Country of Origin: US
Length: 17 minutes    File Size: 273 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 1280 x 720      Keywords: gunge naked men cocks

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Catalog Number   tws-119-0128 Price: $19.99 USD
Pie Lovers Volume 47
2 studs, real lovers, and 50 pies! Start in sexy underwear and end naked. First 25 scripted and then its a free for all with 25 pies. Includes a little hair play, licking, kissing and finish with jerking off in the middle of the creamy mess.
Producer: Pydd2   Distributor: Pydd2   Year: 2013   Country of Origin: US
Length: 36 minutes    File Size: 564 Megabytes   File Format: h264-MP4
Screen Size: 1280 x 720      Keywords: pies sexy men nudity messy male kissing licking undewear

Preview Thumbnail for Gallery https://abspecspies.com/cgi/autogal.pl?vidnum=tws-119-0098

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Catalog Number   tws-119-0098 Price: $15.99 USD
Working For Pies and Gunge PLUS one shower scene Volume 29
2 workers in see though coveralls set up the pies and gunge and then get into a messy tit for tat fight. After a bunch of pies they rip off each others overalls off showing of underwear and end up naked and covered. Plus one of the guys showers off.
Producer: Pydd2   Distributor: Pydd2   Year: 2012   Country of Origin: US
Length: 22 minutes    Scenes: 2     File Size: 216 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 640 x 480      Keywords: pies sexy men gay nudity messy gunge shower

Preview Thumbnail for Gallery https://abspecspies.com/cgi/autogal.pl?vidnum=tws-119-0087

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Catalog Number   tws-119-0087 Price: $15.99 USD
Mens Club Hazing Volume 24
Tony is hazed by hot Jude and stripped naked, his hair messed up with eggs and pie, shampooed 3 times then hair cut, buzzed and head shaved while giving Jude short blow job! He pies Jude and shampoos him before pie fight and mutual J/O!
Producer: Pydd2   Distributor: Pydd2   Year: 2011   Country of Origin: US
Length: 40 minutes    File Size: 390 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 640 x 480      Keywords: pies sexy man nudity messy hair jack off cocks men eggs shampoo

Preview Thumbnail for Gallery https://abspecspies.com/cgi/autogal.pl?vidnum=tws-119-0084

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Catalog Number   tws-119-0084 Price: $5.99 USD
Guys Shampoo each Others Hair Volume 23
Two hot guys shampoo each others hair in he sink. Each guys gets lathered twice and then washed off in the sink.
Producer: Pydd2   Distributor: Pydd2   Year: 2011   Country of Origin: US
Length: 9 minutes    File Size: 88 Megabytes   File Format: WindowsMedia-WMV
Screen Size: 640 x 480      Keywords: hair wet shampoo hunks men

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