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Catalog Number   vdo-05-0605 Price: $8.99 USD
clip 605 - Ariel & Star Tied Up Pied and Gunged!
Star & I are wearing Victoria`s Secret Pink cotton panties & t-shirts. I am the first to get tied up--face up tied to the bed with 4 point restraints! Star uses a squirt gun to gunge me w/ batter & syrups, then Star gets put in a thigh sling & gunged!
Producer: Wambabes   Distributor: Mothership Video   Year: 2019   Country of Origin: US
Length: 14 minutes    File Size: 847 Megabytes   File Format: H264-MP4
Screen Size: 1920 x 1080      Keywords: bondage pies slime batter chocolate panties restraints squirtgun tshirt star ariel messy

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Catalog Number   vdo-05-0530 Price: $15.00 USD
Ariel`s Archives - clip 530 HD Tied To The Bed & Teased!
Ariel wakes Jayce up by restraining her to the bed & filling her panties w/ cold melted ice cream! Then teases her w/ a vibrator: orgasm denial! She begs to cum while she gets panty filled! Then Ariel gets a turn!
Producer: Wambabes   Distributor: Mothership Video   Year: 2018   Country of Origin: USA
Length: 21 minutes    File Size: 941 Megabytes   File Format: H264-MP4
Screen Size: 1920 x 1080      Keywords: bondage restraints handcuffs cuffs pantyfilling panties calvinklein icecream chocolate syrup chocolatesyrup ariel jayce orgasm vibrator sextoy cumming orgasmdenial

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